I’ve had to take a bit of time off from this blog while I got back into to the school year teaching a new course (Science and Religion, which is going really well!) and taking 2 doctoral course as USF: Research Methods (I’m learning a LOT, but TOO MUCH STATS!) and Leadership & Educational Administration (great course where we get to explore leadership theory and practice from a very practical, on-the-ground, perspective).  Needless to say, the schedule has been full!  But . . . I’m back!  

Before posting more specifically about my dissertation topic, I’m going to post some article and research critiques . . . I’ve been spending a lot of time in my current classes getting used to APA style and formatting (sooo awkward, btw) and these are some of the results.  

I’ve also gathered a LOT of materials regarding the p-p model and other Catholic educational leadership topics and hope to begin working through them and posting info, insights, questions, frustrations, etc. at least once a week.  Stay tuned . . .