Though leadership is not an explicit theme in this excellent response to Cardinal Dolan’s Wall Street Journal op-ed, it is implied. Cardinal Dolan missed a huge opportunity to lead the Church in the United States by faithfully and FULLY expounding on the rich tradition of Catholic social doctrine as it relates to the economy today.

Thank you Morning’s Minion and Vox Nova for this response.

Vox Nova

New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan recently penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on Pope Francis and economics. The op-ed was deeply flawed.

As we know, the American libertarian rear guard has been attacking the pope for a whole now on what they regard as his deficient understanding of economics. This would have been a perfect opportunity to push back, on their home turf no less. But Dolan doesn’t do that. What Dolan does—with the apparent help of notorious libertarian and critic of Pope Francis, Larry Kudlow—is provide support to these arguments. In doing so, he pulls the rug from under the pope—at the same time that Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga came to the United States to give an impassioned call to reject libertarianism and free market zealotry.

Basically, Dolan’s op-ed is a combination of Actonism and Americanism. Since its publication, there have been a number of good…

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